Development Route Map

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Q3 2019

1) Strategic system and team building, the concept of Traceability Chain (OTI) project, the establishment of core members of Traceability Chain (OTI) project, the start of fund-raising and a series of improvement work, to formulate technical tasks for the global intelligent lock block chain database, open architecture.

2) Conduct the global intelligence lock industry resource data survey and related industry data analysis, get the feasibility analysis report of the traceability chain (OTI), and build the ecological model of the traceability chain (OTI).

3) Creating Community of Global Entity Enterprise Block Chain

4) Writing and publishing the preliminary version of the white paper

Q4 2019

1) Developing Circulation Pass Based on ERC20 Network (Traceable Link Currency-OT)

2) Constructing the Center of Big Data Traceability Service System in Singapore

Q1 2020

1) Development of Traceability Chain (OTI) Project Roadshow and Intelligent Lock Block Chain Technology Summit

2) Global Upline Big Data Traceability Service Ecosystem

Q2 2020

1) Update the system, repair errors, upgrade the large data traceability service ecosystem

2) Building or joining 100 distributed shared intelligent lock manufacturers or distributors around the world

3) OT Online Small Digital Asset Exchange

Q4 2020

1) OT Online Large Digital Asset Exchange

2) Application and Construction of Enterprise Credit System

2) "Shared Eco-Mall" Applied Eco-Upline

2021 +

1) docking more entities, with a number of more than 10,000, to build a traceable service ecosystem with the digital pass "OTI" platform as the core

2) Developing the Public Chain of Traceability Chain (OTI) to Realize Network Switching

3) Expansion of staff, more than 100,000 employees, construction of more than 100 billion US dollars global block chain traceable market value community and ecological service community

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