Construction of Big Data Traceability Service

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1. Construction of Big Data Traceability Service

Traceability Chain will cooperate with global intelligent lock manufacturers and intelligent lock dealers to initiate the establishment of Intelligent Lock Traceability Technology Research Center to jointly promote the construction of large data traceability service in the intelligent lock industry. Starting from purchasing materials of intelligent locks, tracking and recording every link of intelligent locks, standardizing development and production, anti-counterfeiting and fidelity, and ensuring the true information of each set of intelligent locks.

Through block chain technology to ensure the integrity and authenticity of all traceability data, build the most important trust mechanism of intelligent lock industry, and promote the healthy development of intelligent lock industry. Build a large data platform of traceability chain, track and collect the data of intelligent chain industry through big data analysis, and guide the whole life cycle from purchasing materials to development, production and sales.

Finally, strengthen the cooperation with global intelligent lock manufacturers and distributors in various regions, establish a distributed intelligent lock big data traceability service system, and expand to other industries.

2. Enterprise Credit System

Traceability Chain (OT) provides technical support for the credit system of enterprises by means of traceability and accountability technology, which is characterized by decentralization, peer-to-peer, openness and transparency.

Intelligent contracts are deployed in the traceability chain, and contract procedures are automatically executed. Both parties can not cheat. The process releases or transfers funds only when the contractual conditions are met. The traceability chain will establish foundations overseas, third-party appraisal agencies, expert pool, and effective guarantee of the construction of traceability chain credit system. At the same time, it will effectively develop an open and transparent community supervision and management mechanism, which will be jointly monitored by the whole community, to improve and enhance.

3. OT Traceability Community

At this stage, it is the age of community. Whether it is today's electronics giants or new media giants, there is a very large community. Of course, this project can not escape, from the community to obtain a large number of smart lock enthusiasts and consumers. Traceability Chain (OT) ecosystem will build traceability chain smart chain community.

In this community, an effective communication mode will be established between consumers and researchers of intelligent locks. Consumers consume a certain number of circulation passes (i.e. traceable chain currency (OT), which can be answered by excellent researchers or enthusiasts or read the cases of the production process of excellent intelligent locks. The smart lock enthusiasts who share this case or answer consumer questions will receive a certain amount of circulation passes. This community is a gathering place for consumers, smart lock enthusiasts, researchers and other people. It is also a place for young drinkers to learn. There are all kinds of smart lock resources to communicate and communicate in this community.

4. Sharing Ecological Mall

Any product can not be separated from sales, nor can it be separated from the support of the vast number of users. Without market, there will be no production, without purchasing power, there will be no production. Therefore, building a shared ecological mall will promote the development of intelligent locks and the expansion of the market.

Shared eco-trading mall not only brings convenience to people's experience, but also brings huge flow. Traceability chain will build a decentralized online shared eco-mall trading platform, which displays a variety of smart locks, as well as purchasing other products added to the mall, such as smart speakers, doors, smart homes and so on.

Buyers and sellers agree on Intelligent contracts on the platform of shared eco-mall. Buyers place a certain Token on the block chain. After the seller delivers the goods, they confirm that they have received the intelligent lock. Token on the block chain will automatically send it to the seller's account. Otherwise, the buyer does not receive the smart lock or confirm it. According to the agreement of the smart contract, Token will return to the buyer's account on the block chain. For some transactions with large amount of money, multiple protection measures need to be set up. Artificial intelligence technology is used to protect the trading assets of intelligent locks, record them in the chain, avoid breach of contract between the two sides, and pay a certain amount of security.

This buying and selling process is both safe and guarantees the rights and interests of both buyers and sellers.

5. Other...

With the development of the project, more application scenarios will be applied in the future, such as cloud service miner. Intelligent lock will be a carrier of the system when the system is combined with intelligent lock. Every time a user uses a lock, a coin (or multiple settings) will be generated in the user's account, which enhances the use of intelligent lock. Viscosity of household. Other applications, such as Digital Asset Exchange, Intelligent Lock Design Competition, Intelligent Lock Installation Live Broadcast and so on, divert each other with DAPP applications and introduce more users.

Let investors more easily, freely and conveniently get the return of assets, have more applications of DAPP, enhance the user's viscosity, enhance the use rate of traceability chain (OT) circulation pass, and let more ecological applications get more high-quality intelligent lock services.

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