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This paper does not deal with any regulated products under judicial control: this document is a conceptual document (white paper) of the project description. It is only used to convey information, not to sell or solicit shares, securities or other regulated products of tender and traceability chain (OTI) products and related companies. This document shall not be used as a prospectus or any other form of standardized contract document, nor shall it constitute advice or investment proposals for securities or any other regulated product in any jurisdiction. This document shall not be a recommendation for any sale, subscription or invitation to purchase or subscribe to any securities, as well as a form of contact, contract or commitment based on this basis, to participate in the investment.

Any information or analysis presented in this document does not constitute any suggestions for participating in token investment decisions and will not make any specific recommendation with a tendency. You must listen to all necessary professional advice, such as tax and accounting to sort out related matters. This paper cannot constitute any declaration or guarantee: This document is used to illustrate our proposed Traceability Chain (OTI) Block Chain Platform, but the Traceability Chain (OTI) Foundation clearly states that:

1) No declaration or guarantee shall be given to the accuracy or completeness of any content set forth in this document, or to the content related to the project published by other means;

2) In the absence of preconditions, no declaration or guarantee can be given to any achievement or reasonable content of a forward-looking, conceptual statement;

3) Nothing in this document shall serve as a basis for any future commitment or statement;

4) Do not bear any losses caused by the relevant persons or other aspects of the white paper;

5) Within the scope of legal liability that cannot be exempted, it is limited to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law.

During the period before the completion of this document, the traceability chain (OTI) cannot be exchanged for goods, services and transactions on exchanges, nor can it be used outside the OTI network. No one can guarantee or have any reason to believe that your OT will appreciate or even risk devaluation.

Traceability Chain (OTI) is not a proof of ownership or control right: Ownership of Traceability Chain (OTI) is not an equity grant to the owner or to the Traceability Chain (OTI) system; nor is it a right to direct control or make any decision on the Traceability Chain (OTI) system. Not everyone can participate in the project: Traceability Chain (OTI) systems are not accessible to anyone, and participants may need to complete a series of steps, including providing identifying information and documents.

Risks of regulatory policies of judicial or administrative departments in relevant regions and countries: Block chain technology is currently supported or recognized worldwide, but it has also been carefully examined by various regulatory authorities. The function of the traceability chain (OTI) may be affected by some regulatory policies, which may hinder or restrict the development of the traceability chain (OTI) system. Other unknown risks: Block chain technology and corresponding digital currency technology are relatively new and unproven technologies, which may lead to more unpredictable risks and more risks.

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