The era of block chain creation value application

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The traditional application(IoT) is a network that allows all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions to interconnect. It connects sensors, controllers, and objective entities through network technology to realize intelligent management and control. For example, through information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification(MOP), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, and laser scanners, any object is connected to the Internet according to the agreed agreement to exchange information and communicate information. To realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. As an extension of the Internet, the application further promotes the connection between machines and machines, and realizes the circulation management of data throughout the life cycle of the information world.
With the continuous advancement of technology, the development and application of applied technologies have achieved remarkable results in recent years. At present, billions of sensors and intelligent controllers have been put into use worldwide. It is expected that this number will increase exponentially in the next few years. However, there are many problems and challenges in the application of technology, such as the lack of block identification for sensor data acquisition, the high risk of centralized storage of data, and the high cost of security for financial applications. These issues have the potential to become a huge obstacle to the future development and application of applications. The value applications led by MOP technology and block chain technology can provide solutions to these problems.
It has been 10 years since the release of the White Paper on Bitcoin. After 10 years of technological accumulation and industrial development, the output value of today's block chain industry has reached hundreds of billions of dollars, tens of thousands of high-quality projects in the world, and thousands of mainstream exchanges. This number is still exploding. There is reason to believe that The next 10 years will be the decade when the chain of blocks really lands, and the decade when the chain of blocks changes the world.
With 10 years of technological accumulation, trillions of billions of dollars of capital and a perfect network infrastructure, there is reason to believe that the block chain will grow explosively, and that it will be an opportunity to take on the heavy load in this era of fragmentation and discord. Who can reshape the situation and settle the world?
All walks of life around the world, only the(OT) currency has such a belief in the field of tracing, but also dedicated to this belief.

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