Trends in block chain technology

Time:2019-09-18 20:18:33View:206 Anadromous chain

Bitcoin has appeared and begun to circulate since 2009, and its total market value has exceeded US$ 30 billion, making it a successful application of block chain technology in the field of digital assets. Etifang followed by the introduction of smart contracts. It can program complex contract rules into block chains in code, automatically trigger execution when the agreed conditions are reached, and opens up a wider field for the application of block chains; Representative names and data have extended the load-carrying objects of block chains from the electronic currency transaction records of the Bitcoin era to domains such as domain names and user data. Various trends show that block chain technology is expanding in more and more application areas such as digital currency and smart contracts, and the related technologies that have emerged before this can not break through the connection barrier between virtual networks and the real world. Applying block chains to application and intelligent systems, and then using MOP technology to connect real-world item blocks and identity blocks to virtual networks, will successfully build this connection, eventually realizing the interconnection of all things and creating a era of value applications.
2019 is the first year of the block chain. The Hurun Rich List has 14 rich people born in the block chain field. Among them, the exchange, the public chain, and the DAPP create wealth most quickly. In the interview, Mr. Hurun clearly said that the next wealth wind is in the block chain industry., Billions of enterprises in the future must also be born in the block chain industry. In the face of opportunities and challenges, billions of enterprises will be created by this generation.

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